Creative Connected Coaching

To The Souls Who Will Not Be Quiet

You stay up late feeling like you’re here for a purpose bigger than yourself.

You don’t fit into traditional models of education, economics, or relationships. In fact, you’re already creating your own.

You dream of a thriving planet, fully expressing every part of you, and belonging to your creative tribe.

You’re a therapist, Healer, artist, social entrepreneur or intrepreneur, scientist, or economist… And you’re committed to creating healing and health on every scale, from your own life, to the people around you, to the planet as a whole.

Welcome to your Soul’s big adventure

It is my joy to connect with, awaken, and support the cultural creatives who were born with a mission of cultural and personal evolution. We are here together at exactly this time in history to bring forth new ways of life that promote health, abundance, and joy for all beings… And you belong here.




+ Have you been feeling discouraged about our times?

We are alive at one of the most exciting times in our civilization's history, where we collectively shift from a worldview of competition and consumption to a worldview of creativity and collaboration. There is chaos in the dissolution of old unsustainable systems happening all around us, and it can feel terrifying, angering, or downright numbing if we don't have the right vision and action to get us through it. Good news is, your innate gifts and yearnings are the answer we need...

+Help guide us through a cultural transformation

"We both have to change, and we finally can." -David Schmachtenberger

It's time to up-level every system in our world, from economics, to politics to relationships to education. Whatever your passion, there is a need for that space to be filled with new connective ideas and plans. It's time to close the loop on all materials so everything we do is sutainable and regenerative. It's time to leave "us vs. them" thinking behind and get on the same (diverse) team to make these massive leaps.

Whether you're growing a private practice, speaking on stage, or developing technology or policy that supports this shift, your work matters SO MUCH. Let's get you out of your own way and shift this world for our future generations.

+ Have you been playing smaller than your soul?

Do you feel your calling for a potent life yet shy away from owning your power? are you chronically busy, poor, and distracted because your soul's vision is scary to face head on? Afraid you're a fraud and can't really help your clients? Are you so ready to let go of that small life? Ready to know you are awesome and ready to do this? Ready to step up to the life that's calling you?

+ Fully give your gifts to the world

"Remember that self-doubt is just as self-centered as self-inflation. Your obligation is to reach as deeply as you can and offer your unique and authentic gifts as bravely and beautifully as you're able." -Bill Plotkin

This is your soul's contract that it will kill you not to keep. The people you have soul contracts to help are waiting for you. The world needs you to step into your full power. When your gifts are turned on in the world you create magic you didn't know whas possible, you influence the people around you positively, and your scope of healing grows exponentially. You were born with the seeds of your soul's purpose inside you, and it's exactly what the world needs RIGHT NOW. When you step out of fear and turn this trickle into a raging river, you give the gifts that spark exponential growth, love, healing and change around you.

+ Have you been neglecting yourself?

Do you notice that you'll drop yourself for everyone around you? Give up your free and quiet time to help others through their struggles? Have you found yourself eating poorly or even skipping meals because you don't have time for yourself? Can you remember the last time you let another person really take care of you?

+ Live the life of your dreams

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” -Lalah Delia

This isn't your soul's big adventure for nothing. All the goodness, play, abundance, money, community, love, travel, and confidence you can imagine is waiting for you. The fractal universe wants to give YOU just as much as you want to give the world. When we're told we all want the same few material signs of success, there has to be scarcity, but when we all geniunely listen to what our souls really want, they are all different visions, and there's enough for everyone!

The only way to truly do any of these things (guide humanity's shift, follow your soul's purpose, heal community, find total freedom within yourself...) is to do all of them, because they are all connected and the way you treat yourself is the root. You actually must let yourself have everything you want in order to be the powerhouse you know you can be. It's time. to take. your power back.




+ Transform your beliefs

Everything in your life now is the physical manifestation of the beliefs you have about yourself and the world, many of these beliefs were simply passed down to you on autopilot. The brilliant thing is, each of these beliefs has been important to your life and even survival in the past, so it was created for a reason. However since you now want to create a different life, we'll need to create a different set of beliefs about the world that allow that life to show up. We will uncover and honor your outdated beliefs as we build new neural pathways for the new system which serves you.

+ Update your habits

With new beliefs must come new action! Any habits you formed based on your old belief system will continue reinforcing it, so it's time to let those go. Instead, we'll vision into the new habits that literally remind you of the truth of your new vision so you can practice it with mind and body to create long term change.

+ Shift your emotions

Everything you want is motivated by the idea that it will get you a feeling... happiness, pride, belonging, safety... You may think you need to get the accomplishment in order to get the feeling, but the truth is reversed! You need to cultivate that feeling so you can recieve the gift of what you want. The good news is, if you want to feel a certain way, you've already felt that way once in your life! We'll use fun techniques to help you shift emotional states at the right moments to keep calling in your vision.

+ Nourish your body

The food, thoughts, and experiences you put into your body are literally its fuel or its breakdown. If you want to shine, you need to be replenishing yourself in the healthiest and easiest ways possible. We are going to set up a community food exchange system that will dramatically reduce the amount of time, money, and stress you spend on food. We're going to do it through community so it's a sustainable paradigm shift toward nourishment. (food)

+ Get supported by community

If ALL your self care is by yourself (or with your partner), you're missing out on the key of integrative nourishment you need to truly feel whole. Our brains and bodies have been literally wired for a network of supportive connections, it's what helped our ancestors survive! We'll be taking practical steps to set up more support in your life so you can fully recieve the resources you need to thrive.

+ Take empowered action

When you take care of the soil, the plants will grow. As you tend to your personal nourishment in these ways, your vision and innate creativity will naturally come through. You'll find the inspiration you've been longing for, and the intuition for what steps to take next. I'll be your biggest cheerleader as you step into your powerful self and take these actions toward your vision.




+ 90 Day Nourishment Coaching Program

This program is designed to be the right amount of time for your personal breakthroughs and to create new community habits together. You'll get:

+ 8 custom coaching sessions

These delightfully deep hour-long sessions are designed to pinpoint exactly where you're holding yourself back and lovingly create new possibilities. ($1000 value)

+ 8 empowered action guides

As you discover (and get stuck on) your vision, these challenges will ignite your creativity and resourcefulness and help you find your voice, confidence, and clarity. ($160 value)

+ 4 weeks of custom meal-prep plans

These meal plans will be specifically tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle (cooking for a family?). Each week plan includes amazing recipes specific to your diet, full shopping list, and food prep plan to help you get nourished. Extra busy? We'll schedule your coaching sessions during meal prep time so it's no extra work! ($200 value)

+ Facilitator's kit to launch your own food exchange

Full support at every step to create a food exchange in your own community (healing center, office, gym, etc) including my personal offering and demo to your group, getting you organized and started, weekly facilitation guides, and ongoing coaching for your group. ($350 value)

+ 4 week custom food exchange community cook book

This book is designed to be shared and organized so everyone knows what to cook for each other each week. It's powerful in setting your group up for a successful first motnh and building healthy habits for a sustainable swap! ($200 value)

+ Weekly state-shift playlists

You can jam out to this amazing music (and soon to be added - podcasts) while cooking, runninng, or dancing. Guaranteed to pop the bubble of your resistance and bring you through any emotion back to gratitude and joy when you give it your all. It's fun to be in the good habit of uplifting your body, mind, and spirit while you're upleveling your life! ($180 value)

+ Daily gratitude and action journal

This journal is designed to take literally 5 minutes in the AM and PM, help you connect to your emotional shift states, vision and create what you want each day, hold yourself accountable, and practice self compassion along the way. It's full of inspiration, little fun optional challenges, and designed to remind you every day that you're worth it and you can do this. ($60 value)


Next Steps


+ What will it cost?

Transforming will cost you everything. You'll have to let go of your old ways of staying small, projecting your responsibility, ignoring your needs, and doubting Love.

Imagine how you'll feel when you commit to yourself fully and go all in on your vision. You have to decide you're a yes before you will know how to make it happen. That's how the universe and your soul know you're serious. And they will show up to make it happen with you.

+ As for the price...

The value of the 90 day nourishment coaching package is $2150, and I'm offering it to you for $1800! If that scares you, then you're in the right place. If this program is for you, The cost itself might trigger your habitual beliefs, emotions, and experiences, telling you all the reasons you can't have it, but in the reality you want to create for yourself, it's not only possible but easeful.

That's because just like we are flipping the idea that our reality has to shift before our emotions, the same is true here. It's tempting to believe that you have to shift your money situation before you can afford this, but actually, you have to choose to afford this before your money situation will shift.

Taking this leap is the first step in shifting your beliefs, emotions, and habits toward the vision of what you want. If you can do it now, you can do it for these 3 months enough to make it your new normal, so this is the litmus test of how serious you are about making these changes!

+ I want to make this work...

If you're down to stay in gratitude and get creative with me, I want to work with you! If you have a 15 minute call with me to talk about what's coming up and what you want to create, I'll make you a special offer at the end of it that can make this investment totally feasible for you. Just fill out THIS FORM and at the end you'll get a link to schedule our call.

+ How else can we work together?

If you know you just want the transformational coaching without the full package, you can book 5 one-on-one sessions with me over a 2 month period. This is for professionals who have a specific goal and know you want this no-bs loving support to get you there. You know that your sustained transformation will take consistent practice over time, and you're ready to get serious with accountability. This 60 day package is $625 ($125/session).


How I Coach


+ Interpersonal neurobiology

This framework developed over decades by Daneil Siegel shows how our minds are deeply connected to our bodies. Not only that, but each of our mind-body beings is connected to the network of humanity the same way neurons are connected to each other within our brains. This framework ulitmately gives us power to see your coaching goals not just as a function of mind, body, or community, but rather the context of all three. If you truly want to achieve your goals, we will ultimately understand and achieve them on every level, from self, to other, to the wider world. This multi-level, integrated approach is more likely to create lasting results than any quick fix. Read more about my way of conceptualizing this concept [here]

+ Emotional Mental Energy Generating

Joe Dispenza talks about the quantum mechanics and neurobiology of our beliefs. Our mental and emotional circuits plug into the electro-magnetic world like a battery. In order to level up the amount of power flowing through that battery, we need to shift both our mental AND emotional states. When we're working with vision, we are going to do whatever it takes to FEEL as wild and joyfully free as you THINK you want to be, so that you become the bigger circuit you dream of.

+ Somatic experience

Every body movement is connected to a neural pathway, and every thought pattern is connected to a physical habit. To change your life, you need to change not just your mind but your body. And the body doesn't lie. Together, as we explore your goals, we will bring present-moment awareness to what is happening in your body to uncover the subconscious wisdom that needs to be tended so you can truly move forward. Often, there is an unconscious thought pattern on repeat that we can help to dislodge and re-wrire by enrolling the body in a new way. This can feel vulnerable because it tells the truth, but ultimately brings you back to aliveness and congruency so you can get what you want.

+ Nature connection

As a Nature-Connected Coach (NCC), I have a strong personal connection to, respect in, and trust for the natural world, natural cycles, and natural processes (including our human ones). I consider Nature to be an active collaborator (or co-guide) in my work as I invite clients into deeper connection to their soul's calling. If you choose an in-person, outdoor session, we will reverently meet the land and discover more about your inner world based on what is shown to us through nature. Nature, like the body, is a reflection of your inner world, because you project your inner world onto it. So the more we pay attention to our surroundings, the more you'll learn to navigate the wilderness within.

+ Gestalt

In gestalt, we beleive that every living thing and each action taken is always an attempt at greater healing and wholeness, even if the behavior seems distructive on the surface. It also assures us that everything we need already exists in the present moment, so the more present we become to the truth of what's happening now, the more powerful we become to change the course of what happens next. I will use gestalt at times to bring us deeper into the present moment and listen for any subconscious attempting actions that are not completing successfully (they take up a lot of energy), so that we can help them sequence fully and reintegrate that energy back toward the new goal

+ Partswork

As we work toward your goals, we will discover conflicting opinions, memories, voices, and desires, all within your own mind! When you are not integrated, your mind's different parts will often be fighting, ignoring, or creating alliances with each other, much like a dramatic tv show! This can feel like flip flopping and confusion, overwhelming emotional states, and really nasty self-talk. Partswork is the process we use to identify and understand each part of your mind and how it relates to your goal. We figure out what each part needs and help enroll it into your higher vision so it doesn't continue to sabatogue you along the way. The more we integrate all your parts, the more energy you have moving in the direction of your dreams.

+ Functional reflective action

This is my own concept designed to help you integrate not just your inner world but your practical actions as well. Each time we do some inner-adjusting, we will pair it with an aligned action step toward your goals, and each time you take action, we will pair it with a deep reflective experience to help you process it. This alternating between action and reflection allows for you to move forward in the world in a more consistent manner, and decreases the affects of "snapback". When you push too hard either by doing so much without pause or by thinking so much without action, your brain/body system will try to balance you by causing you to crash and forcing you into the other realm. By choosing an integrated approach, you'll move more steadily toward your goal with inner and outer resilience.


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