Creative Connected Coaching

To The Souls Who Will Not Be Quiet

You stay up late feeling like you’re here for something big, but what.

You don’t fit into traditional models of education, economics, or relationships. 

You dream of a thriving planet, fully expressing every part of you, and belonging to your creative tribe.

Welcome to your Soul’s big adventure

It is my joy to connect with, awaken, and support the new generations of cultural creatives who were born with a mission of cultural and personal evolution.




+ Because you want to know your soul

Enough strategty sessions, nothing will truly fulfill your desire to live on purpose except saying yes to your deepest self expression. But it can be a tricky truth to find. You know you're ready to listen and want someone skilled with the subtle realms at your side.

+ Because you want to live on purpose

Finding yourself is wonderful, but how do you actually apply what you find to making money and making impact in the world? You want to step outside current paradigms and get creative on showing up to your gifts.

+ Because you want to feel love

This soul adventure we're on, for all its ups and downs, would be meaningless without Love, capital L Love. You've possibly tasted it, or maybe it's just a hope, but you know that at the heart of the matter is heart. It takes geniune skill and support sometimes to help us let go of our own barriers to love so we can let in the thing we want most on this journey.




+ Heal your overwhelm

You've been moving so fast it feels like you can't keep up. You're in need of some self-care, balance and healing to reenergize your journey.

+ Reignite your body

You've been disconnected from your body, maybe you even hate it. But there is power and wisdom beyond measure buried in that body, and you know the only way to get where you want to go is by unlocking that potential.

+ Own Your Power

You're sick of sitting on the sidelines of your dreams. It's time to find the courage to take a risk, show up fully, and be brilliantly you.

+ Find Your Purpose

You're tired of the outdated success story you've been sold. What you're craving is to discover the calling of your soul to support the world.

+ Master Relationships

You know something's missing but school never taught you how to do them better. You're ready to enter a healing relationship where your whole self is accepted and loved.




+ Interpersonal neurobiology

This framework developed over decades by Daneil Siegel shows how our minds are deeply connected to our bodies. Not only that, but each of our mind-body beings is connected to the network of humanity the same way neurons are connected to each other within our brains. This framework ulitmately gives us power to see your coaching goals not just as a function of mind, body, or community, but rather the context of all three. If you truly want to achieve your goals, we will ultimately understand and achieve them on every level, from self, to other, to the wider world. This multi-level, integrated approach is more likely to create lasting results than any quick fix. Read more about my way of conceptualizing this concept here

+ Somatic experience

Every body movement is connected to a neural pathway, and every thought pattern is connected to a physical habit. To change your life, you need to change not just your mind but your body. And the body doesn't lie. Together, as we explore your goals, we will bring present-moment awareness to what is happening in your body to uncover the subconscious wisdom that needs to be tended so you can truly move forward. Often, there is an unconscious thought pattern on repeat that we can help to dislodge and re-wrire by enrolling the body in a new way. This can feel vulnerable because it tells the truth, but ultimately brings you back to aliveness and congruency so you can get what you want.

+ Nature connection

As a Nature-Connected Coach (NCC), I have a strong personal connection to, respect in, and trust for the natural world, natural cycles, and natural processes (including our human ones). I consider Nature to be an active collaborator (or co-guide) in my work as I invite clients into deeper connection to their soul's calling. If you choose an in-person, outdoor session, we will reverently meet the land and discover more about your inner world based on what is shown to us through nature. Nature, like the body, is a reflection of your inner world, because you project your inner world onto it. So the more we pay attention to our surroundings, the more you'll learn to navigate the wilderness within.

+ Gestalt

In gestalt, we beleive that every living thing and each action taken is always an attempt at greater healing and wholeness, even if the behavior seems distructive on the surface. It also assures us that everything we need already exists in the present moment, so the more present we become to the truth of what's happening now, the more powerful we become to change the course of what happens next. I will use gestalt at times to bring us deeper into the present moment and listen for any subconscious attempting actions that are not completing successfully (they take up a lot of energy), so that we can help them sequence fully and reintegrate that energy back toward the new goal

+ Partswork

As we work toward your goals, we will discover conflicting opinions, memories, voices, and desires, all within your own mind! When you are not integrated, your mind's different parts will often be fighting, ignoring, or creating alliances with each other, much like a dramatic tv show! This can feel like flip flopping and confusion, overwhelming emotional states, and really nasty self-talk. Partswork is the process we use to identify and understand each part of your mind and how it relates to your goal. We figure out what each part needs and help enroll it into your higher vision so it doesn't continue to sabatogue you along the way. The more we integrate all your parts, the more energy you have moving in the direction of your dreams.

+ Functional reflective action

This is my own concept designed to help you integrate not just your inner world but your practical actions as well. Each time we do some inner-adjusting, we will pair it with an aligned action step toward your goals, and each time you take action, we will pair it with a deep reflective experience to help you process it. This alternating between action and reflection allows for you to move forward in the world in a more consistent manner, and decreases the affects of "snapback". When you push too hard either by doing so much without pause or by thinking so much without action, your brain/body system will try to balance you by causing you to crash and forcing you into the other realm. By choosing an integrated approach, you'll move more steadily toward your goal with inner and outer resilience.


Nitty Gritty


+ What is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation describes coaching as "Partnering with clients to maximize their personal and professional potential... Coaches honor the client as the expert in their own life, and believe every client is creative, resourceful, and whole..." Coaching is not me "giving you the answers", rather, I will help you get out of your own way to discover answers from the inside out. I'll listen deeply, accept you as you are, ask powerful questions, keep us on track, and help you be accountable to your action plans.

+ What is the process like?

We typically meet for 60-90 minute sessions, 1-4 times per month while working on a specific goal. Sessions can happen over the phone, over video call, or in person on the land. The first 1-3 sessions will be dedicated to fully understanding your goal and what is standing in your way of achieving it. Each session, you will set a specific goal in alignment with your longterm vision. We will journey together in our sessions using a combination of trauma-informed tools: interpersonal neurobiology, somatic experience, nature connection, gestalt, partswork, and functional reflective action.

+ What does it cost?

Transforming will cost you everything. You'll have to let go of your old ways of staying small, projecting your responsibility, ignoring your needs, and doubting Love. Because it's time to shine.

Since you were asking about price... Your first 3 sessions, intake process, and ready-to-implement soul strategy are $500 After that, sessions are $125/hour individual $300 for 3 sessions (save $75) And you can contact me about my referral program for a sliding scale discount option


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