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Nature Rhythms™ 

Nature Rhythms™ classes are described by the elements of nature and based on nervous system resilience. We travel through grounding earth, powerful fire, releasing water, joyful air, and quieting space - all in the natural beauty of the outdoors! These are trauma informed practices that can help survivors and thrivers learn to mobilize, trust their intuition, and celebrate their bodies just the way they are. 


Nature Rhythms™ Dance focuses typical ecstatic dance into a mindful movement practice that incorporates deep, embodied listening and breathing with intuitive and improvisational movement. No choreography or experience needed! This focused and free expression helps practitioners move whatever is stuck in their lives and bodies in order to return to deeper states of peace, surrender, joy, and love.


Nature Rhythms™ Yoga infuses traditional vinyasa classes with music, freedom and fun! It brings sacred awareness to our natural surroundings and internal wildness. What makes this class so special is the mixture of grounded asana with intuitive movement, and the permission to truly release into the depths of your vulnerability and embodied power. 


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Nature Rhythms™ has been influenced by many wonderful traditions and teachers including Lila Yoga, Erica Kaufman, SomaSource, Melissa Michaels, Animas Institute, Bill Plotkin, The Elemental Self and Sarah Byrden. Thank you for your many transmissions.